“Nancy Moses is the wise head at a table of hearts.”
— Dennis Powell, Massey Powell

A specialty hospital with a sizable Medicaid and Medicare population needed to prepare for the new rules and requirements that the Affordable Healthcare Initiative would place on operations and reimbursement. Nancy Moses analyzed the impact of these changes and to lead management, medical personnel, and Board in an institution-wide re-alignment. Today the hospital has increased its revenue, successfully addressed organizational and communications issues, instituted state-of-the-art metrics systems, and is well into planning its first new facilities in decades.

newmuseum Feasibility Planning A town sought to celebrate its “favorite son,” one of America’s most influential inventors, with a new museum. Nancy Moses was hired to prepare the strategic and business plans, as a member of the team of experts, led by Farewell Mills Gatch Architects. Her analysis led to an exciting concept for a community-based interactive center where visitors would learn by replicating the invention process. Moses also developed the business plan that projected expenses and income for the museum at three different scales over three years.
economicplans Long-Range Cultural Planning Could the poorest and most rural county in New Jersey grow into a cultural destination? This question was assigned to Nancy Moses Planning + Development by the county’s department of economic development. Since adopting the Plan, the county has seen a dramatic influx of new upscale residents and visitors, a major new attraction, and the transformation of three small towns into vital cultural hubs.
marketing Marketing Plans A museum of anthropology and archaeology had just booked in its first blockbuster exhibition, featuring remarkable treasures from the Silk Road. How could the museum capitalize on this opportunity to expand audiences and reach? Nancy Moses partnered with the largest advertising/PR agency in town to bring the museum the talent it needed. As the museum marketing expert on the team, Moses identified target audiences, coached the staff in school and group sales, helped them establish goals and work assignments, and strengthened the museum’s connection to the tourism industry. At the same time, the advertising agency secured media sponsorships that more than doubled the dollars and secured unprecedented coverage. Despite a geo-political issue that almost derailed the exhibit, attendance grew to ten times that at any previous show.
digitallabs Comprehensive Business Planning One of the nation’s leading public broadcasters hired Nancy Moses to create a wholly new institution: a digital learning lab that would enable its users to harness the power of digital technology. Over eight months, Moses and her team examined the full range of digital facilities, held needs assessment meetings with over 150 educators and community leaders, and staged focus groups with potential markets. The resulting Feasibility Plan presented a dramatic concept for a state-of-the-art digital learning lab and outlined its users, offerings, pilot projects, elements, and operations. Today, the Learning Lab is fully operational as a novel learning environment, bringing the power of digital creativity to its community

Fund-Raising Analysis

The new leader of a 20-year old youth development organization wanted to jump-start its fund-raising. He hired Nancy Moses Planning + Development to figure out the quickest route to the greatest gain. Nancy and her client soon discovered that by cross-referencing three different institutional databases, a new pool of potential donors emerged. The fund-raising plan Nancy developed identified corporate targets along with personal contacts and allowed the client to exponentially increase contributions and set his organization on the path to national standing. Within five years, the organization had established itself in the international arena supported by six and seven figure gifts from multi-national corporations.